About Us

In 1975 my cousin took me waterskiing on Lake Housatonic, I was fifteen years old. From that point to this day I have maintained a love for the sport like no other in my life. Here's a timeline.... In 1977 I bought my first boat, a Glastron Carlson! In 1981 I bought a small parcel of lake-front property in Derby, CT to dock my boat, waterski and teach others how to waterski. In 1995, I co-produced a 35mm documentary about the sport in which we travel over 19,000 miles through forty-eight states just to see how everybody else engages in summer's favorite activity. Here's a short look at where we went.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWlAm_Jt578 In 1977, I offered Surf Burgers and Ski Dogs to anybody brave enough to eat them. I no longer serve the "food" but since then I have taught hundreds and hundreds of people how to waterski and never had an accident. Soooo, bring an adult if you are under eighteen, be able to swim, sober and I'll take you skiing.  The kind of skiing we do today is not what it was when I started. Simple two-ski instruction is only part of what I teach. There is slalom skiing, wake-boarding and barefooting available. And I give the best watertubing rides on the planet! Groups of two up to four at a time are invited. We start skiing in June and finish up in September. Cost per hour for any group number is $200.00 per hour, hour and a half minimum. Please print, fill out and sign a copy of the release form and remember to bring it with you. Any questions, please call and I'll look forward to seeing you this summer! Garret C. Maynard 203-296-3368